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the War in Iraq and Iraq in General- If Ravyn were president - euterpe_1of9

Dec. 6th, 2007 10:25 pm the War in Iraq and Iraq in General- If Ravyn were president


Some flaws were pointed out in my foreign policy regarding Iraq, and I realized I didn't quite make myself clear. If I were to be elected president in 2008, I would pull our troops out of Iraq. We're fighting a war that the government has declared already won. Where is the sense in that?

We're fighting a war, when what we need to be doing is establishing a country. We fight insurgents first and foremost. We need to reprioritize what we're doing in Iraq now, while Bush has his little government machine in place. I've been studying history lately (finals and all that in college, ick) and there are a lot of instances where this has happened. What do you do?


We have a few options.


We spend forever and a flying decade in Iraq, and people keep on dying. Our people keep on dying. Their people keep on dying. Everyone keeps on killing each other until the streets are soaked in blood and the sand is stained red. That's what we'll have. From what I'm gathering from my friends, my peers, and most of the adults I listen to, they want out of there now. Not because the troops are evil and the war is bad and we shouldn't be there, but because it's a drain on our three best resources- money, manpower, and morale. In case you guys don't know, morale means spirits. Basically, hope. That's what we're losing out on if we stay in Iraq.


Or we can pull out and drop the country and all its people and problems like hot potatoes against bare skin and create a power vacuum. Why is that bad? Who is Iraq's neighbor? You guessed it, Iran. Now, some people might now care that Iran has the penchant to attack Iraq (they were at war for 8 years, remember, back when we were all itty bitty wittle babies and before that) but here's my problem with that idea. If Iran invades Iraq after we leave, then Iraq will be worse off than it was before Saddam set up his little psycho political party. Which, to me, makes all those deaths and all the spilled blood and all the things that the crying children and weeping mothers and widows and men whose wives are dead have suffered and all the soldiers who have wept and bled and died and their blood has soaked the sands of Iraqi deserts and splashed the rubble in the streets and it was ALL FOR NOTHING.


And I as President refuse to accept that. I as an American refuse to accept that. I as a woman refuse to accept that children (and I love children, everyone who knows me, knew me, or ever will know me knows that) have lost their mothers, their fathers, their brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins, friends, in a war that, if Iran invades- which they've threatened to do and have tried to do in the past- and sucks that country back into the cesspool it came from, a war that will absolutely destroy everything we have been striving for the last five years to accomplish. And that is unacceptable to me.


Our third choice is that we could make Iraq a US territory, like Puerto Rico. We make the Iraqi people into US citizens. They are subject to our laws- which makes all the insurgents and terrorists treasonous bad guys. Treason, I think, is a death sentence in America. They have the right to vote, they have all the rights of naturalized citizens. This is my favorite idea. This is also a political statement to Iran- screw you guys, this place is ours, stay out. We also offer them the right- not the ability but the absolute right- that at any time, they can petition for secession and the ability to stand on their own feet as a country. We will be obligated to give it to them when they ask for it. But it will be THEIR decision, not ours, and if they then fall to another country that will abuse them as Saddam did, then the blood of the people who fought for them will be on their hands- not ours, not mine. The money being spent on warfare at this point, we spend on other things.  We do not deploy troops. We call for volunteers who wish to stay in Iraq to live, to help set up police forces, government organizations, and other such things. The brightest, strongest young minds and the wisest, brightest, old ones to bring these things about.


That's what we ought to do with Iraq, in Ravyn's opinion. It's cheaper, it saves more lives, it makes the country stronger, and it brings our people home. It gives men back their wives and women back their husbands. It gives children back their parents and parents back their children. That's all I want. I want our people home, and I want Iraq to be all right.


What do you lot think of that? I'm curious to know. Ravyn's policy on Iraq.


Here's my slogan: doing my best to make our country better.


Wow, okay, that sounded cheesy. I'm serious about the rest of this, though. Dead serious. So what do you guys think? 

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