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Global Warming- If Ravyn Were President - euterpe_1of9

Dec. 6th, 2007 10:21 pm Global Warming- If Ravyn Were President


I've always wanted to just lay some stuff down on what I would do if I were given control of the country. Finally just put it on paper. List the problems we have in our government and figure out ways to solve them. So here's what I came up with for the issue about global warming.

To stop global warming and polution, here's what I would at least attempt to do. I might be stopped by Congress, but I'd at least try.



Make use of the nation's scientifically minded youth- get them to do a study on whether or not SUVs and other such cars have a serious impact on the environment and public health, and if it's so, do something about it- like make SUVs illegal.

Use money that we would no longer be spending in Iraq if I was president (because we wouldn't be there anymore) to somehow find a way to make those hybrid cars cheaper and better looking so people would buy them.

Figure out the deal behind other forms of power- wind power, solar power, hydrogen, and ethanol. I so spelled that wrong.

Make recycling a national law. Trash is.

Make solar power cheaper than it is in such states as Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, California, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado, to cut down on electricity usage. That's just my personal thing, if that helps stop global warming or limits the worsening of the green house effect, good for me.

Find a way to outlaw aerosol spray cans. Use squirt bottles instead. Don't have the petroleum needed to make plastic? Make alluminum squirt bottles.

Make the legal driving age 18 to cut down on psychotic teenage drivers whose parents buy them gas guzzling exhaust spewing SUVS and other cars to keep them safe.

Put an emissions limit on cars nation-wide, like they do in Arizona, to stop the spitting of airborne pollutants into the atmosphere.

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