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Fanfic Updated-ness - euterpe_1of9

Dec. 31st, 2007 02:53 am Fanfic Updated-ness

can't  sleep, am still sick. A full day of bed rest has done wonders, and now I can breathe (yay!) but there's this pressure on my throat about an inch above my collar bone that makes it a bit difficult. Not as bad as before, tho. I just can't breathe out of my nose because I have the sniffles. Great.

Just updated three fanfics- I want to keep track of that, so I know what ones I need to poke.

Demons of the Mind- just posted chapter 10!
Horse Lord and a Dark Angel (POC piece, but don't care)- chapter 5! 
The Heart of Faerie- chapter 3!

Now to hit "Wind, Speed, and Flame," maybe "Deorwyn," and a few others. I've got time. I can't sleep until I can breathe out of my nose. Blah.

Dude, I should do a fanfic-livejournal thingie.... hmmm.... 

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