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What Do You Have To Say? - What Winter Means To Me - euterpe_1of9

Dec. 13th, 2007 01:53 am What Do You Have To Say? - What Winter Means To Me

Sugarplum fairies hiding in the shadow of the trees
Icy wind blowing through the leaves
Fog blurring the lines of Christmas lights and reality
The taste of sharp ice on the air
Walking with the one I love
Arms holding me tight against the cold
Children, all bundled up warm, playing there
Their laughter like liquid gold
Sweet lullabies and hosannas sung by choirs
The Prophet’s podium decked out with red poinsettia flowers
Winter formal in a blue dress with frost gloss on my lips
Dancing and swaying until all hours
Pizza and games on Christmas Eve
Watching 1939 Christmas Carol beginning at midnight
Tucking in my little ones and reading His words
Listening to make sure their innocent prayers are heard
Love all around me filling my heart
Joy warming me from my head to my toes for absolutely no reason
In winter, in this, the very last season

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