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the Border and Taxes and Foreign Policy on Iran and Korea- If Ravyn were president - euterpe_1of9

Dec. 6th, 2007 10:23 pm the Border and Taxes and Foreign Policy on Iran and Korea- If Ravyn were president

Okay, boys and girls, let's talk politics AGAIN.

See, Ravyn went to dinner with her dad and her aunt and we had some interesting discussion about the border situation, voting, civic responsibilities, and stuff like that. So right now I'm going to talk about the border situation. I live in Tucson for crying out loud. We're not even two hours from the country of Mexico. So what does Ravyn have to say?


First off, building a fence along our borders is another waste of money. That would cost millions of dollars in materials, man power, time, and skills. We don't have that kind of money. We're 8 billion dollars in debt, and we're just sinking deeper and deeper, with the war in Iraq among other things. And I've already said that, if I were president, I'd pull our troops out of Iraq because they have a police force, they have democracy, they have the ability to vote, and if they can't protect it, it's now no longer our problem. Will we be abandoning our own creation? Yes. But right now I'm being incredibly cold blooded because we don't have the money to waste on a war.


But back to the border.


I am not (even though I want to) going to basically say "to heck with it" and let everybody and their Chihuahua into the country, because our economy can't support that many human-shaped leeches at one time and it's not safe because Achmed the Dead Terrorist and his not-so-dead comrades can zip in here through the cracks in my proverbial floor.


I am not going to kick all the illegal immigrants from Mexico back into their own POC country with a "so long, folks" and just skip merrily on my way to lunch, either.


There has got to be a middle ground somewhere. I always look for the middle ground. If we could afford it, I would say, "Yes! Screen them carefully, but let them in." If we could afford it. But we can't. We're in debt. We don't budget our money right. Taxes aren't high enough for certain groups of people in the US. We have pretty much crap income right now, federally speaking. So we can't just let all the kiddies have their pizza.


Firstly, to cut down on the number of illegal immigrants from Mexico, I would make the naturalization process easier. Your average college student, believe it or not, can't pass the Naturalization Test that the government makes Mexicans and other foreigners take to become citizens. Here's what you need to become a citizen of the United States according to Ravyn:


1-      Someone in your group (if you're alone, that'd be YOU; if you're a family, pick someone) must be fluent enough in English to be able to function in society. Most teenagers can't even do that, but I'm being strict here. The other members of your group must have some skill with the English language, and must be willing to improve on those skills.


2-      You have to know who the president is.

3-      You have to know basic laws- wearing your seatbelt, stealing is wrong, murder is a capital crime, rape will get you dead (even without the death penalty), your Miranda rights

4-      You have to be willing (AFTER you become a citizen) to take a government class to teach you the laws and basic histories of the country

5-      That's it.

6-      You do NOT have to learn the pledge of allegiance. I didn't learn it until 1st grade.

7-      You do NOT have to know all 50 states and their capitals. I don't even know that.

8-      You do NOT have to know all the presidents. I also don't know that.

9-      You do NOT have to find a job. If you can't find a job, that's your own problem. The government doesn't require that it's citizens have jobs- you shouldn't have to have a job to become a citizen.

10-  There are other ones but right now I just got done studying for my History test for Pima and I don't give a flying flip right now. I will on Monday.


Why don't I just throw every illegal immigrant back into their little crap countries? I mean, they're not supposed to be here, right? Why should we let them stay?


I'll tell you why. Most of the people that I know have never had to work the way these people have worked in their entire lives. Mexicans who have come here illegally have risked death, risked arrest, have walked in the freezing winter and the blistering summer, to come to a country to make their lives better because their own country is a piece of crap and America, that oh-so-glorious country that has all of its moral, economical, political, and societal superiority to stand on, isn't doing jack squat about it.


It's not our problem, you say. It's not our job to save Mexico and it's cruddy government. We need to focus on ourselves, focus on Iraq, focus on nuclear threats from Iran, Pakistan, and North Korea.


Bullroar (thank you, Lorien).


My policy in Iran- if they have nukes, they're not going to use them on us. They're going to use them on Israel. Does anyone know what happened the last time a Muslim country threatened to bomb Israel? The Israeli air force blew up the nuclear production plants. Good for them! They'll take care of Iran. Not our problem because we don't need to get involved.


My policy on Pakistan- I don't have one because I don't know enough about the situation. I'll develop a policy sometime next week when I'm not swamped with a research paper and school work and finals and Church.


As for North Korea, that tiny little country really ought to know better than to try to hit us with anything because we're big and they're small so it's easier to turn them into a crater. Besides, between North Korea and us are our allies, and their enemies. I'm not concerned about Korea, either.


Which is why I'm concerned with Mexico. It's right on our border. We're sitting on it, for pity's sake! If we were talking about two people, instead of two countries, there would be no question about this. You have pneumonia. Your best friend has a cold. What do you do? You treat your pneumonia first, and then take care of your friend's cold if they haven't done it themselves. Don't worry about whatever's OUT THERE, worry about what's RIGHT HERE: Mexico.


As for the crap that Border Patrol is going through down there, I have this to say. With funding, they would have better defenses. With better defenses, they would have less problems. I'm not saying all their problems would go away. There'd just be less of them. Less problems comes from better defense. Better defense comes from more funding. More funding comes from NOT putting up a stupid fence and pulling our troops out of Iraq.


Oh, and as an added source of income, I would more heavily tax people who make more than $100,000/year. This includes professional athletes, professional performers, published authors, lawyers, and doctors, as well as Paris Hilton. I would raise taxes on rich people ONLY. Leave everyone else's taxes alone.


And I might put a tax on goods imported from China, Japan, and Korea because we buy so MUCH of their stuff at outrageous prices (30 freaking dollars for a video game, are you on crack?!) that most people wouldn't care if, instead of $30, the game was say, $32. Considering how much crap we buy from other countries, if all that money went towards one thing, we would so boost funding for stuff. Like education (gasp)!


Okay, I'm out, I've gotta get up at 7:30 to take tests.

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