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the Senior Exit Project - euterpe_1of9

Oct. 9th, 2007 01:06 pm the Senior Exit Project

I don’t think I’ve ever talked about the Senior Exit Project on here. It’s the project required of all Seniors at my high school in order for them to graduate. It has three parts- job shadowing, the research paper, and the portfolio.


The job shadowing involved 20 hours of… well, that’s pretty self-explanatory for most people. But for my project, which was commercial fiction writing, it was a little bit different. I had to do 35 hours because my shadowing was actually sitting at my computer writing and then sending in my writing to be evaluated by my mentor, a Mrs. Vicki Lewis Thompson, author of the Nerd Series. She’s pretty freaking awesome. =D And I had to interview her, too, that was cool. I ended up with four and a half chapters of my awesome SEP novel, several short stories and a few poems. Yay!


Then there was my research paper, which was pretty awesome and I just remembered my boyfriend needs to read it. Memo to me. Anyway, and there was some issue with that because my SEP teacher gave me an F, my English teacher gave me a B, and the Assistant Principal who wants me dead and buried six feet deep times infinity in the ground gave me an F. Well, it got straightened out (in your face, Ms. Otis) and I got a B.


I did the portfolio/presentation, too, but because I wore my character shoes- the nicest shoes I own- I slid across the floor by like, 3 feet, and wrenched my knee, but it made me laugh because I was so scared of screwing up and then I did and it just struck me as so funny. Ha.


Anyway, the reason I’m talking about this is because for my Knowledge Value Experience #5, I’m supposed to pick an area of work I’m interested in (writing), find a person in that field (Vicki), find out what her job responsibilities are (the interview), what training they need (again, interview), and what their contributions to society are. That would be, that she makes people happy. Case en point- when I’m sad, sometimes I’ll pick up one of her books (I have 5- Gone With the Nerd, Nerd Gone Wild, Nerd In Shining Armor, My Nerdy Valentine, and the Nerd Who Loved Me), and start reading. They’re so romantic and funny and cool and they make me feel so happy. Reading books always makes me feel a lot better. So that’s how the job contributes to society.

That was my Knowledge Value Experience #5. The end. =)

Lunch time, now!




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