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Jan. 3rd, 2008 07:23 pm fanfic updates

another fanfic updated: Ghost Rider: Wind, Speed, and Flame- up to chapter 27
lets see if I can do more 

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Dec. 31st, 2007 02:53 am Fanfic Updated-ness

can't  sleep, am still sick. A full day of bed rest has done wonders, and now I can breathe (yay!) but there's this pressure on my throat about an inch above my collar bone that makes it a bit difficult. Not as bad as before, tho. I just can't breathe out of my nose because I have the sniffles. Great.

Just updated three fanfics- I want to keep track of that, so I know what ones I need to poke.

Demons of the Mind- just posted chapter 10!
Horse Lord and a Dark Angel (POC piece, but don't care)- chapter 5! 
The Heart of Faerie- chapter 3!

Now to hit "Wind, Speed, and Flame," maybe "Deorwyn," and a few others. I've got time. I can't sleep until I can breathe out of my nose. Blah.

Dude, I should do a fanfic-livejournal thingie.... hmmm.... 

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Dec. 13th, 2007 01:53 am What Do You Have To Say? - What Winter Means To Me

Sugarplum fairies hiding in the shadow of the trees
Icy wind blowing through the leaves
Fog blurring the lines of Christmas lights and reality
The taste of sharp ice on the air
Walking with the one I love
Arms holding me tight against the cold
Children, all bundled up warm, playing there
Their laughter like liquid gold
Sweet lullabies and hosannas sung by choirs
The Prophet’s podium decked out with red poinsettia flowers
Winter formal in a blue dress with frost gloss on my lips
Dancing and swaying until all hours
Pizza and games on Christmas Eve
Watching 1939 Christmas Carol beginning at midnight
Tucking in my little ones and reading His words
Listening to make sure their innocent prayers are heard
Love all around me filling my heart
Joy warming me from my head to my toes for absolutely no reason
In winter, in this, the very last season

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Dec. 13th, 2007 01:41 am What Do You Have To Say? - What Winter Means To Me

What does winter mean to you?

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Dec. 6th, 2007 10:25 pm the War in Iraq and Iraq in General- If Ravyn were president


Some flaws were pointed out in my foreign policy regarding Iraq, and I realized I didn't quite make myself clear. If I were to be elected president in 2008, I would pull our troops out of Iraq. We're fighting a war that the government has declared already won. Where is the sense in that?

We're fighting a war, when what we need to be doing is establishing a country. We fight insurgents first and foremost. We need to reprioritize what we're doing in Iraq now, while Bush has his little government machine in place. I've been studying history lately (finals and all that in college, ick) and there are a lot of instances where this has happened. What do you do?


We have a few options.


We spend forever and a flying decade in Iraq, and people keep on dying. Our people keep on dying. Their people keep on dying. Everyone keeps on killing each other until the streets are soaked in blood and the sand is stained red. That's what we'll have. From what I'm gathering from my friends, my peers, and most of the adults I listen to, they want out of there now. Not because the troops are evil and the war is bad and we shouldn't be there, but because it's a drain on our three best resources- money, manpower, and morale. In case you guys don't know, morale means spirits. Basically, hope. That's what we're losing out on if we stay in Iraq.


Or we can pull out and drop the country and all its people and problems like hot potatoes against bare skin and create a power vacuum. Why is that bad? Who is Iraq's neighbor? You guessed it, Iran. Now, some people might now care that Iran has the penchant to attack Iraq (they were at war for 8 years, remember, back when we were all itty bitty wittle babies and before that) but here's my problem with that idea. If Iran invades Iraq after we leave, then Iraq will be worse off than it was before Saddam set up his little psycho political party. Which, to me, makes all those deaths and all the spilled blood and all the things that the crying children and weeping mothers and widows and men whose wives are dead have suffered and all the soldiers who have wept and bled and died and their blood has soaked the sands of Iraqi deserts and splashed the rubble in the streets and it was ALL FOR NOTHING.


And I as President refuse to accept that. I as an American refuse to accept that. I as a woman refuse to accept that children (and I love children, everyone who knows me, knew me, or ever will know me knows that) have lost their mothers, their fathers, their brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins, friends, in a war that, if Iran invades- which they've threatened to do and have tried to do in the past- and sucks that country back into the cesspool it came from, a war that will absolutely destroy everything we have been striving for the last five years to accomplish. And that is unacceptable to me.


Our third choice is that we could make Iraq a US territory, like Puerto Rico. We make the Iraqi people into US citizens. They are subject to our laws- which makes all the insurgents and terrorists treasonous bad guys. Treason, I think, is a death sentence in America. They have the right to vote, they have all the rights of naturalized citizens. This is my favorite idea. This is also a political statement to Iran- screw you guys, this place is ours, stay out. We also offer them the right- not the ability but the absolute right- that at any time, they can petition for secession and the ability to stand on their own feet as a country. We will be obligated to give it to them when they ask for it. But it will be THEIR decision, not ours, and if they then fall to another country that will abuse them as Saddam did, then the blood of the people who fought for them will be on their hands- not ours, not mine. The money being spent on warfare at this point, we spend on other things.  We do not deploy troops. We call for volunteers who wish to stay in Iraq to live, to help set up police forces, government organizations, and other such things. The brightest, strongest young minds and the wisest, brightest, old ones to bring these things about.


That's what we ought to do with Iraq, in Ravyn's opinion. It's cheaper, it saves more lives, it makes the country stronger, and it brings our people home. It gives men back their wives and women back their husbands. It gives children back their parents and parents back their children. That's all I want. I want our people home, and I want Iraq to be all right.


What do you lot think of that? I'm curious to know. Ravyn's policy on Iraq.


Here's my slogan: doing my best to make our country better.


Wow, okay, that sounded cheesy. I'm serious about the rest of this, though. Dead serious. So what do you guys think? 

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Dec. 6th, 2007 10:23 pm the Border and Taxes and Foreign Policy on Iran and Korea- If Ravyn were president

Okay, boys and girls, let's talk politics AGAIN.

See, Ravyn went to dinner with her dad and her aunt and we had some interesting discussion about the border situation, voting, civic responsibilities, and stuff like that. So right now I'm going to talk about the border situation. I live in Tucson for crying out loud. We're not even two hours from the country of Mexico. So what does Ravyn have to say?


First off, building a fence along our borders is another waste of money. That would cost millions of dollars in materials, man power, time, and skills. We don't have that kind of money. We're 8 billion dollars in debt, and we're just sinking deeper and deeper, with the war in Iraq among other things. And I've already said that, if I were president, I'd pull our troops out of Iraq because they have a police force, they have democracy, they have the ability to vote, and if they can't protect it, it's now no longer our problem. Will we be abandoning our own creation? Yes. But right now I'm being incredibly cold blooded because we don't have the money to waste on a war.


But back to the border.


I am not (even though I want to) going to basically say "to heck with it" and let everybody and their Chihuahua into the country, because our economy can't support that many human-shaped leeches at one time and it's not safe because Achmed the Dead Terrorist and his not-so-dead comrades can zip in here through the cracks in my proverbial floor.


I am not going to kick all the illegal immigrants from Mexico back into their own POC country with a "so long, folks" and just skip merrily on my way to lunch, either.


There has got to be a middle ground somewhere. I always look for the middle ground. If we could afford it, I would say, "Yes! Screen them carefully, but let them in." If we could afford it. But we can't. We're in debt. We don't budget our money right. Taxes aren't high enough for certain groups of people in the US. We have pretty much crap income right now, federally speaking. So we can't just let all the kiddies have their pizza.


Firstly, to cut down on the number of illegal immigrants from Mexico, I would make the naturalization process easier. Your average college student, believe it or not, can't pass the Naturalization Test that the government makes Mexicans and other foreigners take to become citizens. Here's what you need to become a citizen of the United States according to Ravyn:


1-      Someone in your group (if you're alone, that'd be YOU; if you're a family, pick someone) must be fluent enough in English to be able to function in society. Most teenagers can't even do that, but I'm being strict here. The other members of your group must have some skill with the English language, and must be willing to improve on those skills.


2-      You have to know who the president is.

3-      You have to know basic laws- wearing your seatbelt, stealing is wrong, murder is a capital crime, rape will get you dead (even without the death penalty), your Miranda rights

4-      You have to be willing (AFTER you become a citizen) to take a government class to teach you the laws and basic histories of the country

5-      That's it.

6-      You do NOT have to learn the pledge of allegiance. I didn't learn it until 1st grade.

7-      You do NOT have to know all 50 states and their capitals. I don't even know that.

8-      You do NOT have to know all the presidents. I also don't know that.

9-      You do NOT have to find a job. If you can't find a job, that's your own problem. The government doesn't require that it's citizens have jobs- you shouldn't have to have a job to become a citizen.

10-  There are other ones but right now I just got done studying for my History test for Pima and I don't give a flying flip right now. I will on Monday.


Why don't I just throw every illegal immigrant back into their little crap countries? I mean, they're not supposed to be here, right? Why should we let them stay?


I'll tell you why. Most of the people that I know have never had to work the way these people have worked in their entire lives. Mexicans who have come here illegally have risked death, risked arrest, have walked in the freezing winter and the blistering summer, to come to a country to make their lives better because their own country is a piece of crap and America, that oh-so-glorious country that has all of its moral, economical, political, and societal superiority to stand on, isn't doing jack squat about it.


It's not our problem, you say. It's not our job to save Mexico and it's cruddy government. We need to focus on ourselves, focus on Iraq, focus on nuclear threats from Iran, Pakistan, and North Korea.


Bullroar (thank you, Lorien).


My policy in Iran- if they have nukes, they're not going to use them on us. They're going to use them on Israel. Does anyone know what happened the last time a Muslim country threatened to bomb Israel? The Israeli air force blew up the nuclear production plants. Good for them! They'll take care of Iran. Not our problem because we don't need to get involved.


My policy on Pakistan- I don't have one because I don't know enough about the situation. I'll develop a policy sometime next week when I'm not swamped with a research paper and school work and finals and Church.


As for North Korea, that tiny little country really ought to know better than to try to hit us with anything because we're big and they're small so it's easier to turn them into a crater. Besides, between North Korea and us are our allies, and their enemies. I'm not concerned about Korea, either.


Which is why I'm concerned with Mexico. It's right on our border. We're sitting on it, for pity's sake! If we were talking about two people, instead of two countries, there would be no question about this. You have pneumonia. Your best friend has a cold. What do you do? You treat your pneumonia first, and then take care of your friend's cold if they haven't done it themselves. Don't worry about whatever's OUT THERE, worry about what's RIGHT HERE: Mexico.


As for the crap that Border Patrol is going through down there, I have this to say. With funding, they would have better defenses. With better defenses, they would have less problems. I'm not saying all their problems would go away. There'd just be less of them. Less problems comes from better defense. Better defense comes from more funding. More funding comes from NOT putting up a stupid fence and pulling our troops out of Iraq.


Oh, and as an added source of income, I would more heavily tax people who make more than $100,000/year. This includes professional athletes, professional performers, published authors, lawyers, and doctors, as well as Paris Hilton. I would raise taxes on rich people ONLY. Leave everyone else's taxes alone.


And I might put a tax on goods imported from China, Japan, and Korea because we buy so MUCH of their stuff at outrageous prices (30 freaking dollars for a video game, are you on crack?!) that most people wouldn't care if, instead of $30, the game was say, $32. Considering how much crap we buy from other countries, if all that money went towards one thing, we would so boost funding for stuff. Like education (gasp)!


Okay, I'm out, I've gotta get up at 7:30 to take tests.

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Dec. 6th, 2007 10:21 pm Global Warming- If Ravyn Were President


I've always wanted to just lay some stuff down on what I would do if I were given control of the country. Finally just put it on paper. List the problems we have in our government and figure out ways to solve them. So here's what I came up with for the issue about global warming.

To stop global warming and polution, here's what I would at least attempt to do. I might be stopped by Congress, but I'd at least try.



Make use of the nation's scientifically minded youth- get them to do a study on whether or not SUVs and other such cars have a serious impact on the environment and public health, and if it's so, do something about it- like make SUVs illegal.

Use money that we would no longer be spending in Iraq if I was president (because we wouldn't be there anymore) to somehow find a way to make those hybrid cars cheaper and better looking so people would buy them.

Figure out the deal behind other forms of power- wind power, solar power, hydrogen, and ethanol. I so spelled that wrong.

Make recycling a national law. Trash is.

Make solar power cheaper than it is in such states as Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, California, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado, to cut down on electricity usage. That's just my personal thing, if that helps stop global warming or limits the worsening of the green house effect, good for me.

Find a way to outlaw aerosol spray cans. Use squirt bottles instead. Don't have the petroleum needed to make plastic? Make alluminum squirt bottles.

Make the legal driving age 18 to cut down on psychotic teenage drivers whose parents buy them gas guzzling exhaust spewing SUVS and other cars to keep them safe.

Put an emissions limit on cars nation-wide, like they do in Arizona, to stop the spitting of airborne pollutants into the atmosphere.

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Nov. 1st, 2007 01:23 pm Random Journal Entries for no reason

I don't want to save these and have them cluttering up my desktop so I'm putting them here instead.

Individual Worth #6


So, this is for my Individual Worth Experience #6. I’ve gotten my Patriarchal Blessing Recommend, I got it back in March with Lorien, and… holy cow! With all my other pressing concerns I totally forgot that I get my Patriarchal Blessing in 2 weeks!! Unless I get a rant from Heavenly Father and have to get another one later. Apparently that’s happened before. Gulp. I hope not. I am trying to live worthily. Heavenly Father might take pity on me since I’m getting grief from others for doing what I’m told. Then again, maybe not.


Anyway, but you get a Patriarchal Blessing because it’s a helpful guidebook from Heavenly Father for you personally. It helps you in several ways. It tells you your strengths, which you can the develop. It tells you your weaknesses, which then help you to strengthen those weaknesses in order to not be prey to them anymore. It also tells you which Tribe of Israel you belong to, and tells you certain things about yourself from life, the Pre-Existence, and things you need to look out for that may or may not hinder or help you.


The Patriarch, which is a calling in the Church, places his hands upon your head and gives you the Blessing. Oh, and before you get your blessing you’re supposed to fast, and while you’re fasting you’re supposed to think about questions you want to be answered during the Blessing. I know what questions I want answered: will I have children of my own? That is what I would like to know. I’m sure there are others, but that’s the one on my mind right now. Baby on the brain!! Ahhhh!


That’s my entry on Patriarchal Blessings.


Faith #5


Well… this is for my Faith Experience #5. I’m supposed to write about the Lord. But you can write books about Him and not tell all that there is to tell. I know that He’s my older brother, because He’s the Son of my Heavenly Father. I know that He suffered and died, not just for me but for all the people of the worlds. He’s the Man in the Water Heater. =)


He comforts us, all of us, when we need Him. He’s comforted me when I’ve been almost in the depths of despair (I say almost because “to despair is to turn your back on God,” as Marilla Cuthbert says in Anne of Green Gables). He knows our pain, which is how He knows how to comfort us. He loves every one of us, no matter what we’ve done. He chose before the worlds were created to be the one to be sacrificed for us so that we may be a part of Heavenly Father’s plan. It isn’t fair that He had to do it, but He chose it for us all.


Wow, that reminds me of the Lord of the Rings. “You carry the Fate of us all, little one.” Sort of.



Faith #4


When you partake of the Sacrament, you renew your Baptismal Covenants, your promise to Heavenly Father to follow His commandments, to do as He has bid you, and to be as He would have you be- as like unto His Son as possible.

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Oct. 24th, 2007 06:38 pm Matt

Okay, the Rave is freaking out now. My heart is going to explode out of my chest, my throat is all tight, and I’m having the apocalyptic SPAZ ATTACK!!!!


I need to talk to my boyfriend. He tried to call me but my music was up so loud I didn’t hear the phone until it was too late. I should’ve called him back, especially since I need to talk to him. BUT! But I cannot, repeat NOT, talk to him on the phone. I am too nervous, scared, and spazzy to talk to him on the phone. I will get flustered, I will cry, then he’ll be mad and I’ll feel like a total witch, then the line of communication is broken, I’ll be in trouble, and I’ll probably want to damage myself in some way. So, no phone.


I need him to email me. I am so much better at expressing myself and communicating in writing. That’s why I’m a writer, not a public speaker. I already emailed him. He hasn’t emailed me back.


He hates me. =(




I think I’m going to cry.







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Oct. 9th, 2007 01:06 pm the Senior Exit Project

I don’t think I’ve ever talked about the Senior Exit Project on here. It’s the project required of all Seniors at my high school in order for them to graduate. It has three parts- job shadowing, the research paper, and the portfolio.


The job shadowing involved 20 hours of… well, that’s pretty self-explanatory for most people. But for my project, which was commercial fiction writing, it was a little bit different. I had to do 35 hours because my shadowing was actually sitting at my computer writing and then sending in my writing to be evaluated by my mentor, a Mrs. Vicki Lewis Thompson, author of the Nerd Series. She’s pretty freaking awesome. =D And I had to interview her, too, that was cool. I ended up with four and a half chapters of my awesome SEP novel, several short stories and a few poems. Yay!


Then there was my research paper, which was pretty awesome and I just remembered my boyfriend needs to read it. Memo to me. Anyway, and there was some issue with that because my SEP teacher gave me an F, my English teacher gave me a B, and the Assistant Principal who wants me dead and buried six feet deep times infinity in the ground gave me an F. Well, it got straightened out (in your face, Ms. Otis) and I got a B.


I did the portfolio/presentation, too, but because I wore my character shoes- the nicest shoes I own- I slid across the floor by like, 3 feet, and wrenched my knee, but it made me laugh because I was so scared of screwing up and then I did and it just struck me as so funny. Ha.


Anyway, the reason I’m talking about this is because for my Knowledge Value Experience #5, I’m supposed to pick an area of work I’m interested in (writing), find a person in that field (Vicki), find out what her job responsibilities are (the interview), what training they need (again, interview), and what their contributions to society are. That would be, that she makes people happy. Case en point- when I’m sad, sometimes I’ll pick up one of her books (I have 5- Gone With the Nerd, Nerd Gone Wild, Nerd In Shining Armor, My Nerdy Valentine, and the Nerd Who Loved Me), and start reading. They’re so romantic and funny and cool and they make me feel so happy. Reading books always makes me feel a lot better. So that’s how the job contributes to society.

That was my Knowledge Value Experience #5. The end. =)

Lunch time, now!




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